Heart of the Highriders, a Novel by Richard C. Leonard and Charity R. Silkebakken

Imagine living in a fantasy world without magic, a world that knows nothing of sorcery nor of a wizard’s quick solutions — a world where one never encounters talking beasts, invincible swords, glowing rings or all-seeing eyes. What would it be like to behold such a world through the mind of those for whom the realm of the spirit is a closed book, and only that which meets the eye can be taken into account? In such a world powers of evil go unrecognized, and thus work their harm, until the spiritual Source of good is revealed.

“A multi-dimensional epic of riveting adventure set in rich language, Heart of the Highriders is a powerful narrative portraying man’s condition in the light of eternal truth. Entertaining, challenging and inspiring, this novel will delight lovers of fantasy/reality from Beowulf to Redwall. An amazing book!” — Margaret L. Been, Author

“This romantic, humorous, yet serious tale builds a world of long-ago where realms totter, noble maidens fall in love, and the quest for truth is snagged but never completely stalled. Give in to child-like wonder as the turns and tensions draw you into the story.” — Murray Olsen, retired writer and editor for the City of New York

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Heart of the Highriders

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Dr. Richard C. LeonardCharity R. SilkebakkenRichard C. Leonard is a Congregational minister living in western Illinois. He holds the Ph.D. in Biblical Studies from Boston University and has taught at the college and graduate level. Dr. Leonard’s first novel, Silence of the Drums, was published by Xulon Press in 2005, and his third novel, New America, by Lampstand Books in 2009. Among other publishing credits he was the “ghost writer” of A Theological Miscellany (Thomas Nelson, 2005) under the pseudonym T. J. McTavish. Laudemont Ministries is Dr. Leonard’s teaching ministry. He is the publisher of WestWard Quarterly, a poetry magazine edited by his wife Shirley Anne Leonard.

Charity R. Silkebakken, Dr. Leonard’s daughter, and her husband Richard live in Santa Clara, California, where she runs Mission City Cakes. A graduate of Rice University, Mrs. Silkebakken suspended her career in computer technology to concentrate on being full-time mother of Miriam and Mark. This is the first joint novel by this father-daughter team.